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Whale Watching in Cornwall

Whale watching in Cornwall is a superb way of getting out on the ocean and close up to some of the amazing wildlife that share our coastline. Marine Discovery, based in Penzance operate a catermaran for discovering the marine life along the coast. even the humble grey seal which is now one of the most endangered species is found basking and getting on with being a seal. Only 100,000 of these beautiful animals, which is about half the worlds population make their home in British waters.

Here’s a part of the notes one of our guests made when they went out – ……..’Skipper Duncan has spotted a basking shark, and it’s a monster!’ ……..’It seems our encounter was over as quickly as it bagan. In reality it’s been an hour since we first spotted the basking shark – an hour since our tour ought to have ended – and what an hour!’

To try this out for yourself you do need to book – call 07749277110, the trip is suitable for 6+.


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