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Hedgehogs prepare for hibernation

Hedgehogs prepare for hibernation in late summer and try to get their weight over the 400g mark. What scene can better conjure up a picture of Autumn than leaves turning, squirrels collecting acorns and nuts and hedgehogs trundling along in search of food to bulk up in preparation for their long sleep. Over 400 g is the size for a happy hibernating hedgehog. If they are out and about in the daytime at this time of year it’s not too much of an issue if they are just hungry and looking to bulk up and are over the 200g mark, they have time still to get their weight up before the cold weather sets in. This very cute specimen is one of two we rescued on site, it was only 140g, at this size they are ¬†unlikely to get enough reserves built up to see them through, so a diet of goats milk and cat food (dried or wet) – not fish based – they don’t like that and water and a warm cozy spot to relax in for a bit of TLC. As long as they have material to bury into so they feel warm and safe they will be happy. If a hedgehog looks a good size and is active they are best left along but sometimes , like with this little cutie, they do need help. This little one was happily tucking in with a crowd of newly arrived folk quietly watching from a suitable distance. Autumn is a great time to look out for our wildlife.

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