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Hedgehog rescue at Tehidy Holiday Park in Cornwall

Our holiday park in Cornwall is well known for its caring attitude to wildlife. With Autumn well under way our hedgehogs are going about their business of feeding up for the colder months. Sometimes the changeable weather catches them out and they can need a bit of help. ‘Spike’ was low on energy and needed a good feed to get him going again. If you find a hedgehog in need, eg out in daylight, slow moving, not curling up, or running,  when approached, – try these simple things, they could make the difference.

  • A box in a warm dry place, with a towel, so they can burrow and keep cozy
  • A small dish of ‘wet’ type cat or dog food – not biscuits
  • Build a cozy hedgehog house, filled with straw and leaves for their release after a few days
  • check with your local vet if not sure, they are usually very good with advice

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