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Sea food in Cornwall

Sea food in Cornwall is famous. The waters around the Cornish Coast are one of the richest marine environments in Europe. Sea food caught in the Cornish waters is shipped on ice across Europe and the world for it’s  quality and freshness. How is it so fresh? As a meercat would say – Simples! The fishing villages have small harbours, therefore small boats that go out for a day or two at a time, not weeks at a time or months as is the case with commercial fleets. This means the fish landed are just hours old. It can be in the sea and on a plate the same day, it make a big difference, ask any fisherman. Seafood is found on many resaurant and pub menus for this reason, local fish and chip shops, such as Cousin Jacks in Illogan usually have fresh local fish on the menu. To buy direct is easy too. Earls is a small cottage tucked away on the lane that leads down to Chapel Porth beach, they have fresh local fish and crabs and lobsters – freshly cooked that day, for you to take away. a big crab for under £10!!! Go armed with a french stick, strawberries and a pot of clotted cream, get your crab, then head down to the beach and find a spot. PS don’t forget hand wipes for afterwards. The fresh fish is great for a BBQ. One of my favourites is Bass with a simple rub of Marigold (gravy powder) on it, or veg soup powder, then cooked on a BBQ with Rosemary sprigs, they really do flavour it. We have rosemary bushes around site and don’t mind you taking a few, please be careful with them and nip the ends off, rather than tugging which can damage branches, you don’t need too much. Chapel Porth is only 15 minutes from Tehidy Holiday Park in Cornwall.

seafood alfresco

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