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Where in the world

Where in the world do you get olives ripening on your very own tree, bananas growing, palm trees, superb blue seas and golden sands? Well you don’t have to travel too far to find them. Down here in sunny Cornwall we have all of these. On site at Tehidy Holiday Park we have all the plants and just down the road you’ll find plenty of ¬†blue seas and golden beaches. Cornish gardens are famous the world over for the exotic and more local plant life that thrive side by side in our climate. The beaches here are among the best in Europe too, with golden sands, clear waters and of course the surf. With small harbours along the coast and a traditional fishing heritage the day boats provide us with some of the best and freshest fish and seafood you’re likely to find anywhere. On arrival in Tehidy you’ll be given a local area map which will help you find some wonderful beaches and where to find fresh fish and crabs or lobsters too. It’s helps you have a ¬†real taste of Cornwall.

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