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Sea, sardines and seperntine at Cadgwith

Sea, sardines and serpentine. These three things were the foundations of the village of Cadgwith. A footpath leads down to Cadgwith village and harbour from the car park. Continue to walk up hill past The Cadgwith Cove Inn.. The coastal footpath is on your right about 2o metres further on. After about half an hour you’ll get to a junction near a bridge, ignore the path going straight on and instead cross the stream. The path leads down to Carleon Cove.

On your left are the ruins of what was once the sardine works. From the 1920’s onwards the sardine shoals declined and the works were reinvented as  the serpentine works. Green serpentine is  still found on the beach today. Locally quarried stone was used to make ornaments and mantle pieces. This was short lived as cheap Italian imported Marble made it uneconomic and after only 12 years the works closed down. The coastal footpath  continues up on to the headland beyond the cove. You pass the lovely carved wooden Pilchard bench on the way

From here you can cut inland on a path that leads to Poltesco, a National Trust information centre and car park. Beyond here the road branches left, past the old Mill, then on to Ruan Minor. As you come into Ruan Minor there’s a footpath over the road heading past the public toilets and pops out by a lovely cafe. From the cafe bear left and you carry on past some houses, then on   another  path leading to St Ruan. In St Ruan carry straight on along the road and over the bridge. After the bridge, there is a path on your left which leads you back to the car park above Cadgwith. If you enjoyed this walk try another gorgeous coastal walk at Coverack.

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