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You needn’t be eagle eyed to spot a buzzard

You needn’t be eagle eyed to spot a buzzard at Tehidy Holiday Park in Cornwall. Matt Crab, the UK chainsaw carving champion has recently brought down his latest carving for Tehidy. Worked with just chainsaws Matt has created this beautiful buzzard from a piece of Sycamore we took off a stump on site. The details is amazing, it was due to go back onto the stump but we took one look and decided it was just too good to sit out in the weather so it is now found perched on the counter in reception. In the near future we are going to re-style the reception into a blacksmiths forge bringing back a bit of it’s history. It’s thought to have been a forge since around 1650 and of course there will be a purpose built perch for our buzzard. Matt has also carved some wonderful squirrels on a tree behind reception. We hope to have a full sized Tawny Owl before long too.

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