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Matt Crabb makes another beautiful chainsaw carving

Matt Crabb makes another beautiful chainsaw carving of a barn owl at Tehidy Holiday Park. Already guests have been admiring his work. It looks great, perched on the stump of a large branch we removed due to signs of rot. The carving adds another unexpected treat for our guests. Matt who is the UK chainsaw carving champion never fails to impress with his work. We’ll be treating the wood with preservative and Danish oil to protect it for many years to come. This adds to our list of carving Matt has produce for us. We are now lucky enough to have a beautiful buzzard which is perched in our reception and had been much admired too. The two squirrels carving on a tree stump behind reception is our first piece of work and looks as good as ever with the two squirrels playfully climbing the trunk and one eating an acorn.

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