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David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award

Eco friendly awards for Tehidy Holiday Park

David Bellamy hedgerow award for Tehidy Holiday Park

David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award for 2017/ 2018. This is one award that means such a lot to all of us at Tehidy. We really try to make the site a place where wildlife, wild flowers and people can live happily along side each other. Lets face it being in a lovely green setting makes you fel more relaxed and is just good for you. David and Rufus Bellamy have also created two special awards. One is for well managed and extensive hedgerows allowing for privacy, shelter and of course lots of nesting and feeding for our feathered friends. The second special award is a Bee Friendly one, this is includes bee friendly practices such as low usage of hebicide and zero pesticides and lots of wild flowers. It’s fantastic to be able to say we have picked up both of these alongside our Gold.

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