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Why Camping is Cool – part 2

Why Camping is Cool – part 2

We Are Tough And Resourceful

When it comes to a weekend away or a holiday choice, camping is rarely the easy option. Checking into a hotel IS more convenient, but for those with a sense of adventure, that makes it so much less interesting! When we forget something vital like tent pegs or a mallet, we don’t go into melt down. We think on our feet and get on with it, improvising with whatever we can lay our hands on.

Coping with set backs and adversity, however small, builds character and reminds us that whatever happens, we’ll get by.

For those who know me – I spend a lot of my spare time during the Winter on Dartmoor training local high school children for the Ten Tors Challenge. A challenge like that is such a character building event for the children. They are trained to look after themselves and cope with whatever is thrown at them. What a cool way to learn what are probably some of the most important life skills.

More to follow.

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