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Why camping and campers are cool

Why Camping and Campers are Cool – Here’s part 1 of 5  articles I discovered about the benefits of camping and why campers are so Cool. There is definitely an element of truth in them, take a read:-

We Know How to have fun

Spending time under canvas means time spent disconnected from tech, and easy on-tap entertainment. Campers know how to make the most of this gloriously tech-free downtime, and know that without constant over-stimulation, our brains are free to idle, which is known to boost creativity.

Our weekends are rarely wasted. We explore, we chill out with a book, we walk, and spend time doing whatever we jolly well feel like doing! We are resourceful enough to find ways of filling our time and usually end up having heaps of fun whilst we are at it. Who ever had a memorable, fun day sat at home watching TV anyway?



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