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The Minack Theatre – Ten reasons why Tehidy has a perfect location in Cornwall – 8 of 10

The Minack Theatre has a stunning setting, perched on the dramatic cliffs above the ocean. What a back drop! The Minack is renowned as being one of the top open air theatres in the world, it’s worth a visit whether you want to see a show or just the setting. Below the theatre a narrow twisting path leads to Porthcurno Beach which makes the journey here doubly worth while. For those with historic interests the Telegraph Museum is found in the village behind the beach. It seems improbable but Porthcurno isn’t a natural sandy bay, it was rocky, the sand comes from china clay works and the beach hides below it the first trans Atlantic telegraph cable linking the UK to the rest of the world. Now fibre optic cables run under the sea bed and take up to half of all UK international internet links. But just enjoy the stunning setting. Only 30 minutes from Tehidy Holiday Park, this wonderful piece of Cornwall is easy to explore.

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