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Why Camping is Cool – part 2

Why Camping is Cool – part 2 We Are Tough And Resourceful When it comes to a weekend away or a holiday choice, camping is rarely the easy option. Checking…

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Why camping and campers are cool

Why Camping and Campers are Cool – Here’s part 1 of 5  articles I discovered about the benefits of camping and why campers are so Cool. There is definitely an element…

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Small and sweet

Small and sweet. This wonderful arrangement of campervan and caravan used by one of our regular visitors.

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BBQ time and camping in Cornwall

Camping in Cornwall and a great bbq is all part of the holiday. Here’s one we had with some friends in the cooking shelter by our glamping wigwams on Tehidy Holiday Park.

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Sunshine – perfect for an adventure holidays in Cornwall

The forecast shows some cloud and showers overnight during the week but the days are meant to be hot and sunny, so for ideas look at the adventurous holidays in cornwall…

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Post on Tehidy Holiday Park in Cornwall facebook page 2/6/13

“Just enjoyed a few days at Tehidy Holiday Park in Cornwall, if I’m honest a big part of my reason for coming to Cornwall is this Fab place. It’s just…

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