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Helman Tor Nature Reserve rewilding project supported by Tehidy Holiday Park

Helman Tor Nature Reserve rewilding project is supported by Tehidy Holiday Park. As our previous guests know we have a supply of reclaimed beach equipment in reception. This is for the use of our guests, much of it having been donated to us. The equipment is for use free of charge, we just ask that a donation be made in one of our charity pots. At the end of season we count up the donations and double it before making the donation to the chosen charity. Last year and this year we are supporting the Cornwall Wildlife Trust in their bid to enlarge the Helman Tor Nature Reserve and to rewild it, using traditional methods to manage the reserve such as introducing ponies and pigs to graze and beaver to naturally manage the river systems. We look forward to welcoming our guests and encourage anyone who needs beach items to use our reclaimed equipment and donate generously to this wonderful cause.

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