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Modern History of Tehidy Holiday Park in Cornwall

Tehidy Holiday Park in Cornwall was first established in 1955 when planning permission was given for camping in the valley.

Holiday Caravans were allowed in 1968. The Cottages, Shower Block and Games Room are all recent additions. The beginnings were much more rustic and for the hardy only. The residential area has also been recently developed in the valley above the house. fortunately the developments have kept the Cornish Hedging (walls with hedges on top), the trees and landscape, making the present site sit comfortably in its setting. As one visitor described it ‘Tehidy Holiday Park snuggles into the bowl of the valley’. Since our arrival in 1997 we have made every effort to ensure that the site make way for the natural environment. the wealth of birdlife and other wildlife in the valley and on site is amazing. We often find ourselves taking a few minutes to just listen to the sound of nature. On a sunny evening its the perfect backdrop for a BBQ.


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