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Book with confidence at Tehidy

You can book with confidence at Tehidy

For your safety accommodation will be sanitized using an activated oxygen fogger – the most effective and natural product on the market

Kills 99.9999% of pathogens present in under 30 seconds – Simple, safe and effective – completely harmless to people, plants & animals  – use the area immediately – no residue

During your holiday we do ask that you maintain social distancing at all times.

  • Reception will be open but only one person will be allowed inside at a time.​
  • The laundry will also be open, for one person at a time, hand sanitizer will be available for use.
  • Indoor communal areas such as the games room and the campers wc/shower facilities will be open subject to a health and safety assessment. We are currently looking at a product (under development) that automatically sanitizes communal indoor areas on a timed basis.
  • We hope that the play area will be open, however social distancing and safe use is a parental responsibility, parental supervision will be necessary if you choose to let your child use this facility. Hand sanitizer is available by the water point.
  • We ask that food or take away deliveries are met in the entrance car park
  • Please do not ask local friends and family to visit.

We wish all our guests a safe and happy holiday.

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